Welcome to the Destination Europe 2020 Conference!


The European Travel Commission, in cooperation with the European Commission, had the pleasure to invite you to  the Destination Europe 2020 Conference, which took place at the SQUARE Meeting Centre in Brussels on 12 February 2014.


ETC succesfully presented the final conclusions of the “Destination Europe 2020” initiative bringing together all the knowledge and research gathered through the 18-month programme of activities and industry consultation process.


“Destination Europe 2020” is a joint initiative of ETC and the European Commission that aims to design a long-term strategy to promote Europe as a tourist destination in long-haul markets. By focusing on pan-European themes, digital marketing and  a deeper involvement of the tourism industry, the initiative will impact on how Europe is branded, promoted, and sold by destination marketing organisations (DMOs) and the travel industry, in major long-haul markets as well as in Europe. 



Programme of the Destination Europe 2020 Conference




The Venue for the Destination Europe 2020 Conference took place at the SQUARE Meeting Centre, an architectural landmark situated in the heart of Brussels, in the vibrant Mont des Arts cultural quartier.



We would love to hear from you about the conference if you were among the participants

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